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Here are links to some general resources that I've created over the course of my career that you might find useful. They are available at your disposal if you credit the source.

  • Rekindle.  A six-week marriage series for couples focused on increasing intimacy in the marriage relationship by mirroring the attitudes and actions of Jesus Christ. The covered topics are: The Marriage Map, Empathy, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation.  

  • When Prayer is Not Enough - A Church Leaders Guide to Mental Illness.  Individuals who struggle with mental illness are often the most vulnerable, invisible and often most neglected members of a church.  Sometimes this is simply due to a lack of understanding, experience or uncertainty on the part of lay members or the church leaders.  This resource focuses on helping churches become better equipped to identify and minister to these individuals and families.    

Helping Kids Cope
  • My Brave Book. A downloadable PDF coloring book designed for children who have experienced shock or loss due to a traumatic event. My Brave Book allows children to process and make sense of the traumatic event, which is a critical step toward recovery.

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